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Case Stories


Start-Up Services

Healthcare Kitting and Fulfillment Company

Brand Development, Marketing Framework Development

MEND built the marketing, communication, and brand strategy framework, from the ground up, for a start-up that originated, in 2020, during the pandemic. Initially starting as a specialty kitting company for COVID-19 testing kits, the start-up quickly evolved into a specialty kitting, distribution, and logistics company targeting multiple vertical markets.

Mend led the transformation of the company positioning and communication strategy, in its infancy, while introducing additional service and product solutions offerings. MEND led the initial go-to-market launch including product go-to-market development, marketing collateral design for customer delivery, website framework planning, design, layout, execution, SEO, and launch. 

Market Sectors: Start-up, healthcare, fulfillment, and distribution

We are impressed with how Mend took the time to deeply understand our business vision and worked with us to mold our strategy, as we quickly evolved as a company, during an unprecedented time.

Managing Partner

Advanced Cybersecurity Technology Software Company

Brand Development, Marketing, and Communications Management

MEND supported a start-up through the planning and execution of brand positioning for an emerging cybersecurity technology company targeting Federal DoD and military operations, critical infrastructure, and enterprise.

Mend developed the marketing and communications plan and budget, and provided execution services for NextGen cybersecurity technology serving customers such as large corporate enterprises, critical infrastructure such as power plants, wastewater/drinking water, transportation, and industrial IoT.

Market Sectors: Start-up, federal sector, critical infrastructure, and enterprise

PFAS Destruction Technology Manufacturer

Business Organization Framework, Commercialization, Marketing & Communications Process and Management

MEND provides support by helping set up and manage general business process management with the CEO and President. Lead executive commercial and go-to-market framework development, planning, and execution for commercialization for an emerging PFAS destruction technology company targeting federal AFFF foam transition, environmental remediation, landfill leachate, industrial process water, and municipal drinking water.

Market Sectors: Start-up, federal sector, aviation, municipal critical drinking water, and industrial sectors



C-Suite, Board, and Investor Preparation

Executive Support for Strategic Initiatives

MEND offered executive preparation and presentation support for the delivery and execution of Board of Directors meetings. Mend provided coaching on executive communication strategies for directors and investor relations. Experience includes working with Directors of up to $10B in revenue.

Market Sectors: All business sectors

Marketing and Communication Strategy

Global Marketing and Communications Growth Planning and Execution Management

MEND engaged in a company-wide initiative to develop a global marketing and communication expansion strategy. MEND collaborated with executive leadership to develop and further expand on the company vision and strategy for worldwide expansion and operational scalability within the HVAC infrastructure sector.

With exponential growth, MEND provided strategic tools, guidance, and alignment of go-to-market strategy to support direct sales and channel strategic partners globally. Mend also provided executive guidance, resource management, digital platform implementation, public relations, and stakeholder communications, including training for the sales channel and monthly updates for Directors and Executive Leadership team engagement.

Market Sectors: Commercial buildings & offices, sports facilities, hospitality, transportation, industrial, government, and healthcare

Growth Strategy Development

Industrial Market Sector Growth and Expansion Channel Management

MEND helped develop a new strategic plan for the Industrial market sector focused on the distribution of water/wastewater technology solutions and services while maintaining an existing high-profile Industrial customer base.

The framework for the Industrial expansion strategy included food and beverage, energy, and automotive sectors with a focus on mapping critical stakeholders such as engineering firms and contractors.

Market Sectors: Industrial solutions and services within food and beverage, power, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing market sectors

Domestic Commercialization Strategy

International Company Entering Americas Market

MEND developed the Americas commercialization strategy and execution framework for a sustainable water technology solutions company by identifying a channel-to-market partnership program model including strategic accounts for business development alignment, engagement mapping to industry associations for communications and brand visibility, and overall commercial solutions model for comprehensive go-to-market success.

Market Sectors: Water and Wastewater; Municipal, Industrial, Commercial, Federal Disaster Response, Non-profit Sectors

Market Feedback & Product Development

Development Planning for Commercialization

MEND conducted voice of customer feedback services for broader strategic programming. Mend also planned the execution of the annual strategy and go-to-market with an integrated voice for customer data collected in the VOC process.

Market Sectors: Industrial technology, municipal, federal, commercial, and more

Non-Traditional Lead Generation Program

Development of Lead Generation through Stakeholder Engagement for Revenue Growth

MEND developed a national program from the ground up to engage local and regional companies currently doing business with municipal and industrial customers, fostering additional market insight. The program provided lead generation for municipal and industrial facilities, business development, revenue growth opportunities, and increased win rates.

Market Sectors: Municipal and industrial facility operations


Organizational Structure

Organizational Performance Standardization

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Compensation Standardization

MEND partnered on a company-wide initiative for the operational alignment and development of a standardized key performance indicator (KPIs) and compensation project. 

The KPI and compensation framework development incorporated various operational efficiencies, including human resource and organizational change management. 

MEND worked with the executive leadership team and their direct reports to provide coaching using change management techniques for a company-wide rollout.

Market Sectors: Industrial, power, energy, commercial, municipal, and transportation

MEND has brought a unique perspective that is impossible to get internally. The vast diversity of professional knowledge and experiences has guided us through a process that has delivered measurable results. Mend’s consulting services will help us provide better service to our employees and customers. We will continue to use MEND in the future.


ISO Planning and SOP Review Support

Operational Optimization Guidance

MEND offered executive-level support to internally align service facilities on obtaining ISO certification, writing and reviewing SOPs for planning, and gap analysis. Mend executed interviews, vendor vetting, and mid-level management workflow reviews.   

Market sectors: Commercial/office buildings, sports facilities, hospitality, transportation, industrial, government, and healthcare

Mid-Level and Executive Management Advisory

Mentoring and Coaching

MEND conducted mid-level and executive management mentoring and coaching to enhance the current approach to operations and capacity building on current and future succession planning for the evolution and sustainability of their organization. Mend partnered as a trusted third party, to coach the next level of management and executives to build the future vision of their company with a fresh perspective.

Market Sectors: Start ups, small to medium size industrial businesses


Sustainability Programming

Sustainability Programming Partnership

Global Community Program Development

Mend is working with companies to develop commercial solutions for integrating socially responsible approaches in the B2B and B2C markets. Our world’s most valuable resources are being compromised, which can affect the health and wellness of the next generation, opening the door for sustainability solutions for water, air, energy, and more.

Sustainability Programming

Global Stakeholder Engagement

MEND’s Founder/CEO led a global corporate social responsibility team with a program focus on increasing employee engagement, stakeholder engagement, global humanitarian disaster response, and strategy development for commercial products at the base of a pyramid market. A team of 600 program Ambassadors and Champions carried out community programming worldwide.

MEND’s leadership cultivated and managed global strategic partnerships and exceeded community impact goals by over 30% with non-profits, private companies, and governments. Community partnerships were launched and executed in Bangalore, India, Mexico, African Cape Coast, and Ghana. Mend led strategic program development for over 65 countries and 17,000 employees.

MEND’s Founder/CEO led a team who developed and launched the first humanitarian global disaster response team, including the first humanitarian logistics partnership with DHL Global Forwarding for disaster response. 

Market Sectors: Non-profits, private companies, and governments

Sustainability in Sports

Sustainable Sports Infrastructure Approaches and Strategy Development

MEND has developed sustainable sports infrastructure approaches and strategy frameworks for Sports owners who want to integrate sustainability into their business strategy and sports infrastructure management.

Providing insights into new sales and marketing approaches with integrated sustainable programs for their clients to evaluate sustainable technology partners for sustainable infrastructure development initiatives and partnership categories.

Market Sectors: Sports and sports facility infrastructure management